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Mental health helpline booms

Calls for help to a mental health phone line almost doubled over the last year as the economic crisis impacted on people's lives.

St Patrick's University Hospital in Dublin revealed its support and information service took 1,400 calls in 2010, compared to 766 a year earlier.

Some 215 were about depression, 191 on addictions, 148 for anxiety and 140 needed ongoing support.

Paul Gilligan, chief executive, said: "It has at times provided a lifeline for callers in sincere mental health distress. We expect the demand to increase greatly in 2011." The service is available Monday to Friday on 01 249 3333.

New parents turning green

Becoming a parent and getting on the property ladder are the two milestones most likely to make us go green.

Around one in four (27pc) said the birth of their first child made them more environmentally conscious, while the same amount said buying a home was the main motivation. These reasons came ahead of retirement (17pc) and moving in with a partner (9pc).

New research also found discrepancy between attitudes at home and at work. Around nine in 10 (89pc) recycle at home, compared with around half (52pc) in the workplace.