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Men must get 'match fit' to be a new dad

WOULD-BE fathers may not be "match fit" to get their partners pregnant, with one in six still smoking and drinking too much, says a new poll.

The survey of 500 men and 500 women also found some women were disappointed in their partner's efforts to get healthy while trying for a baby.

Just 41pc of men adopted a healthier diet compared with 59pc of women, while 27pc of women said they tried to reduce their stress levels compared to just 19pc of men.

Overall, 71pc of men continued to drink while trying to get their partner pregnant, with 11pc drinking more than the recommended 21 units of alcohol a week.

Expert Dr Allan Pacey said: "It's clear that some men really aren't match fit to start a family and they could do more to increase their chances of becoming a dad."

Father of two and TV presenter Jeff Brazier said: "I've got a few friends who have struggled to get their partner pregnant, that's why this campaign is so close to my heart. I didn't really know that there was so much men could do to improve the chances of starting a family."