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Men more likely than women to ditch litter

MEN are one-and-a-half times more likely than women to illegally dump rubbish, an investigation at a litter blackspot in Dublin has shown.

The probe, carried out in conjunction with Fingal County Council, also found that the instance of dumping fell dramatically with the installation of a simple audio device.

Covert surveillance at a 'bring bank' in north Co Dublin over a 10-week period revealed men were responsible for most of the illegally discarded items.

In the first five weeks, about 1,000 people visited the site in Lusk. Of those, 55 were guilty of discarding unauthorised items, with 33 male offenders.

At the end of week five, an audio device was installed that emitted a reminder to avoid illegal dumping of rubbish.


The mechanism led to an 83pc reduction in the activity, said RiteView Solutions Ltd, which carried out the study.

Only nine people were adjudged to have illegally dumped while the audio device operated, a reduction of 46 on the first five weeks.

RiteView managing director Aidan McDermott told the Herald that the results were "better than expected".

A similar trial carried out on Baldoyle's seaside led to an 82pc reduction in dog fouling.