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Men insist they're taking more spending decisions on grocery shopping trips

Two out of three shoppers in Ireland who regularly buy groceries are women, but when asked who is jointly responsible for stocking up on the home's food and drink most men say they share the task, Carat's Pulse online survey on shopping trends indicates.

As Ireland's economy has changed, so too have trends affecting grocery shopping, the study by iReach Market Research claims.

Looking at data over the last eight years, more men now claim to be the home's main shopper.


Three quarters of Irish grocery shoppers now spend more time in stores in search of lower prices.

Carat's head communications planner Dael Wood said the study examined 13 grocery categories to find out where private labels are grabbing share from brands.

It was shown that tea brands, with a 52pc rating, and alcohol brands, on 43pc, boasted the highest loyalty.

Evidence of switching is apparent when brands are on promotion.

There is a move to private label alternatives across all categories, but especially among milk brands.

Of most concern to established brands is where private labels have been tried and shoppers are more likely to be happy rather than disappointed.

Price promotions play a big part in brand trials, with instant in-store promotions most effective.

Shoppers are most likely to buy cheese, yoghurt, beauty and toilet paper products when they are on sale.

When it comes to in-store communication, 68pc of consumers rate promotional end-of-aisle displays highest.

Other best tools for winning shoppers' attention are on-shelf ads and free samples and tastings.