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Megan's making sure she's out front as she eyes up dream home

Buyer and bride-to-be Megan O'Shaughnessy (23), was the first person to begin queuing outside a new Swords housing estate on Tuesday, four days before the properties were due to be put on the market.

This Saturday, 53 new homes go on sale at Millers Glen in Swords and Megan said she does not want to "miss out".

"I'm getting married in February so I hope to be moved in before then," she explained.

"My boyfriend slept here half the night on Tuesday and my mum did the other half," she added.

And when Megan finished up work yesterday morning she came straight over to the building site to relieve her mother.


"We knew they were being built and we'd been looking around, but we just thought they were going to be out of our reach. So when it came in bang on our budget we decided we were going for it," said the retail manager.

Her place at the top of queue is secured with nothing more than a camping chair and her coat.

Mum Elaine decided to take some initiative however, and purchased a book of raffle tickets to create a ticketing system so that no one jumps the queue.

"I've set up a ticketing system it's the fairest way," Elaine told the Herald.

The mother and daughter explained that lots of people had been driving by and looking but not joining the queue.

"A good few people have been popping down and then panicking, but they can't queue because they're there with their kids.

"One girl panicked this morning and said she was still waiting on her loan approval so we gave her a sausage sandwich," said the Dublin mum.


The builders on the site ordered food and tea from a nearby coffee shop and they shared them with the potential buyers in the queue.

"The builders are being very good - they said it's a long time since they've seen anyone queuing for a house," Elaine stated.

Megan vowed that her place at the top of the line will be kept until the properties go on sale on Saturday. When she is not in work she will hold fort in the queue giving her mum and boyfriend a break.

Explaining the attraction to the homes Megan said it was the price and the area.

"It's the area and it's a good price. It's A-rated [Building Energy Rating].We looked at a second-hand three-bed house nearby just there recently and it was €40,000 more and there was nothing done to it," said Megan.