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Megan (4) endured the worst pain imaginable to beat her cancer - Dad

MEGAN Malone's parents will never forget the day they were told their precious daughter was going through the worst pain imaginable.

It was just a year ago when they realised their little girl was seriously ill, as she started vomiting every day and slowly losing her ability to walk.

Now, for the first time, John and Sheila Malone have spoken in-depth about the super-human battle their little girl fought to survive.

In an exclusive interview, they recalled the day they were told the toddler, who is now aged four, was suffering from Spnet medulloblastoma – an aggressive cancer attacking her brain and spine and likely to kill her within weeks.

They refused to give up, watched as a hole was drilled at the top of her skull so fluid from the tumour could be drained and then took Megan to the Unites States for specialised treatment.


She's now back in Ireland, free of cancer. However, nothing could erase their memory of little Megan's unimaginable pain as she underwent her year-long treatment.

John explained: “One of the most frightening times was one night she started getting what seemed like electric shocks through her body.

“Her whole body was literally jumping from the bed, she was suffering from ‘nerve-ending' pain. The cancer was putting so much pressure on her brain and spine that it was causing pain to every possible nerve in her body.

“I was told that was the worst possible pain anyone can experience.

“She had to be put on specific medication to numb it, and she wasn't taken off the drug until a month ago.

“None of it was easy to deal with but as much as we were suffering watching her, she was suffering far more.”

John (40) explained that moving the whole family from Kilnamartyra, Co Cork, had been the only viable option when doctors gave Megan only a 10pc chance of survival.

The father-of-four added: “We're not heroes, we're just parents that love our children.

“We were told she was a lost cause.

“We did what we had to do, we didn't have a choice, we were not going to give up on her. We just got by and tried to keep her alive one day at a time. It's just human nature.”