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Meet the smiling little girl (6) who gets Botox to ease agonising pain

THIS little Dublin girl has to get Botox injections in her legs every three months to stop her agonising cramps.

Brave Hannah May has 200 seizures a day and cannot see or speak but her family say that she still has plenty of smiles.

Her mum Mary has revealed how the six-year-old was a miracle child after being born on the sixth attempt through IVF.

"Every day I have to check Hannah's heart rate and her oxygen levels, in case she needs an oxygen machine. She is peg fed three times a day and she also received 31 medications through the tube in her stomach," explained mum Mary.

"Hannah was a very longed for child, she was my sixth IVF attempt to have a baby, and she is very loved."

She added: "The medication helps ease very painful muscle cramps in her legs, and it also helps her with bleeding ulcers and her epilepsy.

"She receives Botox every 12 weeks for the cramping in her leg as well. She can't sleep much at night because she would have 200 seizures a day so she shakes in her bed. Despite all this she is a very happy little girl and her hearing is perfect. She's paralysed so she can't just go play but she loves listening to her grandad's singing."

Hannah is now to become the face of the Jack and Jill Foundation which helps families like hers.

She is one of the many children who have received support from the organisation since its creation 15 years ago.

She was born prematurely and suffered three strokes and two heart attacks shortly after the delivery which left her blind, with severe cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The organisation first sent a nurse to help Mary look after her little girl shortly after Hannah came home from the hospital, four months after her birth.

And thanks to public funding they continue to provide the family with a nurse who would come twice a week to relieve Mary so that she could catch up with sleep.

"I would have been lost without everyone's help," the Knocklyon mum said.

"Some days are harder than others because all I want is for her to hug me or call me 'mummy' but she can't and she isn't getting any better."

The HSE confirmed this week that it would cut Jack and Jill's State funding by 3.7pc.

The Jack & Jill Foundation Happy Faces campaign is asking 4,000 people to have their professional portrait done for just €25 to raise €100,000.

To find out more log on to www.jackandjill.ie or www.happyfacesday.ie