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Meet our little Easter miracle

IT'S an Easter miracle for the four-year-old who almost died in a swimming pool accident.

On the day when little Bradley Sweeney's parents had feared they'd be planning a funeral, the youngster left hospital and ran straight out to play.

Bradley was listed in a critical condition after he slipped into the water at Leisureland in Galway while playing with his cousins on Sunday.

He was taken by ambulance to University Hospital Galway where he was treated in the intensive care unit.

His parents prepared themselves for the worst, with his dad John Sweeney admitting: "I could be planning a funeral today."

Instead, as the little boy was able to join in the fun with his cousins and siblings, the family was planning a party.

Bradley spent two days in an induced coma at the hospital after his apparently lifeless body was pulled from the Leisureland pool.

Dad John said: "My child was dead. We didn't know if he would live or die. Myself and my wife Maria were told our child was living by the hour.


"He was starved of oxygen for anything up to five minutes and we had no idea what we were facing. But he woke up on Monday night and today he was walking and talking," he siad.

The family, from Ballybane in Galway, were enjoying a day at Leisureland with relatives and other children, but it turned into a nightmare when Bradley disappeared beneath the water.

"He was playing with the rest of the kids and then he was gone. It was a split second," said John. "My wife went to a lifeguard and I went to check the changing rooms to see if he had gone to the toilets."

When John returned he saw with horror that Bradley had been retrieved from the pool.

"They had pulled him out of the water and were carrying out CPR and trying to resuscitate him.

"Nothing was happening. He wasn't breathing. My brother Martin was afraid the lifeguards were going to give up but eventually Bradley started to cough up some water."