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Meet Deku – Ireland's unsung air guitar hero

YOU could say he plays a mean guitar – but he doesn't use one.

In Finland he's a superstar with up to 20,000 people turning up to see his antics.

But in his home country Ireland he remains largely unknown.

They call him Deku 'Lose Control' Chan. He hails from outside Cavan Town and is Ireland's air guitar champion.

"When I go to other air guitar countries, I get awesome attention and respect for my art, but when I get home I'm invisible," Chan said.

He will again represent Ireland at the European 'Rock of Ages' championships in Finland this August, after finishing 19th in 2010 and 13th in 2012.

He blames tactical voting by rival countries for Ireland's lack of success in the contest.

"It's really political. The French and the Americans are always cleaning up," said Chan, who is-part Japanese.

But he claims that air guitar players across the world cite late Irish rock star Phil Lynott as one of their biggest influences.


"Philo was amazing – he could wrap his bass guitar around his head playing it,"he said. Although amateur air guitar players can regularly be seen performing in Temple Bar, the 29-year-old complains that "sheep shearing gets more attention than air-guitar playing in Ireland".