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Meet Cuddles, teeny tiny kitten rescued from death

A WOMAN who rescued a tiny kitten after it was found abandoned in Dublin believes it is a dwarf kitten.

The abnormally small five-week-old kitten, called Cuddles, still looks as young as a newborn and weighs just three ounces.

Her owner is afraid to put her on the ground in case she gets trampled on.

Martina Keogh, a well-known animal lover from Dominic Street, Dublin insists that the kitten is so tiny that it could be a dwarf.

"She's gorgeous. She's just tiny. She was found just two or three days after she was born. A woman found her in a garden in Kimmage and the very caring person brought her to the vet.

"She should be a lot bigger and running around, but you couldn't put her on the floor in case you'd stand on her."

Martina explained: "I presumed it was a newborn kitten but then after a week and a half I realised it wasn't growing. She's got teeth and they get them when they're two weeks old.

"The vet said he has never seen a kitten that small either. The mother could have taken chemicals and that could have stunted the growth of the kitten."

Little Cuddles requires constant bottle feeds because she can only manage to ingest small amounts at a time.

"She won't grow much. I'd say she'll grow to the size of an eight week-old when she's fully grown. I have to feed her three times a night," said Martina.

"She sits under my neck on my shoulder and she lies on her back and asks me to rub it. I'm hoping I can get someone very special when she's old enough for someone to take her. I'd have to be very careful that no one would experiment on her.

"She's only three ounces and for her age she should be around five or six. It's a miracle that she even lived.

Orla Aungier, spokesperson for the DSPCA said that such tiny cats are rare, but it's unlikely that the kitten is a dwarf.

"You will get kittens who don't grow normally. It's impossible to tell, when they're very small like that it's usually some sort of congenital problem.

"A true dwarf cat has very short legs and a long body. The chances are it's just a very small kitten," she said.