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Meet Charlie, the cat who came back from the dead

MEET Charlie the ginger cat who was given a burial by his family – but managed to come home for his lunch.

Michelle Donnelly from Dundalk, Co Louth, tenderly placed to rest what she thought was her beloved pet after her husband Fran spotted the cat dead on the side of the road last week.

Michelle explained: "On Monday morning, my son Jordan and myself had the horrible task of removing what we thought was our beloved Charlie, dead, from the middle of the road. We buried him alongside our other cat, Toto, in the garden, said our goodbyes and I spent the morning in tears," she said.

"As I was working in the garden a few hours later, trying to paint to keep my mind off how he died, in between my tears and sniffles, I heard what I thought was a cat walking across the gravel.

"I looked around and there was Charlie coming home for his lunch. I thought I was going crazy and the Panadol I had taken earlier for my pounding headache was playing tricks with my head," she said.

"The cat looked exactly like Charlie.


"I keep looking at him (Charlie) to make sure he's not an impersonator.

"As you can imagine, I was happy to see Charlie, but also glad I gave someone else's unfortunate pet a nice burial," she said. "He will lie in peace at the bottom of our garden with a friend called Toto."

Michelle said: "We'll try to find the owner and let them know the unfortunate fate of their ginger cat and where he now rests. It was a crazy day," she added.