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'Mean comments really get to me,' says comic Al


Al Porter

Al Porter

Al Porter

Funnyman Al Porter said he has to work hard not to let mean comments get to him.

He has had a stellar year, including selling out a string of shows at Vicar Street and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time, but he admitted nasty comments still get to him.

"People forget I'm only 22. I do meet some people who are like, 'You're going years, the pressure is on now to keep it fresh and keep it going'. And I'm just like 'f*** off'," the Tallaght native told the Herald.

"There's no pressure, all I want is to have the craic.

"Other people tweet mean things at me and I do take it personally. My agent tells me not to read Twitter, but I do.

"It's annoying because people send me really nice things as well, like you could have 20 really nice comments and you just see one saying, 'I think Al Porter is sh***' and I'm like, 'Oh God'.

Nasty "I don't know why I take it personally, but I think you just need to build up a thick skin with that kind of thing.

"I understand you're not for everybody. Not everyone is going to like you, but I still think people should keep those nasty comments to themselves," he added.

The Freezin' panto star will next be on the small screen with his variety show. With guests like PJ Gallagher, America's Got Talent winner ventriloquist Paul Zerdin and Irish improv hip hop crew Abandoman, Al said the show was his "childhood dream".

The Al Porter Show is on RTE 2 at 9.45pm tonight