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Meals on wheels volunteer served up €3.6m Lotto win

A MEALS on wheels volunteer has become the latest Lotto millionaire. Gerry Bingham (65), from Dundalk, won just €3 on the first line of his Lotto ticket -- but won €3,595,140 on the second line.

Gerry discovered his good news after checking his ticket two days after the draw.

"I didn't believe it. I couldn't believe it," he said.

"I rang the (National Lottery) office on Tuesday morning and I said 'I need to speak to somebody quick because I have numbers here and I think we won the Lotto'," he explained.

Gerry had no idea he was a millionaire winner even as he worked as a meals on wheels volunteer on Monday evening.

"We didn't check our numbers over the weekend and on Monday I went out and did my meals-on-wheels route without knowing either.

"It was only that night when I checked the numbers and rang my kids that it was confirmed."

Lucky Gerry and his wife Marie (64) plan to share their winnings with their three children, Alan (38), Gerard (31) and Niamh (35) and their five grandchildren Laura (15), Sam (8), Emily (6), Alan (4) and Nathan (2).

Gerry was made redundant from his job as a factory supervisor at Blackthorn Shoes in Dundalk after 39 years when it closed in 2001. He got a job as a Locksmith for the next eight years but money was a worry.

"We are just ordinary people. Things are a struggle for us like everyone else at the moment so we just can't believe it."