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McKevitt seeks 33pc remission

Mr Justice Bernard Barton will give his decision today on the application for release from Portlaoise Prison of alleged Real IRA leader Michael McKevitt.

McKevitt claims he is entitled to an enhanced one-third remission of his 20-year sentence instead of the usual 25pc.

The court heard McKevitt had been convicted by the Special Criminal Court of directing a terrorist organisation and being a member of the Real IRA.

Pope relatives killed in crash

Three relatives of Pope Francis were killed early yesterday when their car collided with a truck in Argentina's central Cordoba province.

A nephew of the Pope, Emanuel Bergoglio, who was driving the car, was in serious condition. The nephew's wife and two children aged two years and eight months died.

The accident happened when Begoglio's car slammed into the back of a truck carrying grain.

We've used up our resources

Humans have used up the natural resources the world can supply in a year in less than eight months.

The world has now reached the point in the year when humans have exhausted supplies such as land, trees and fish and outstripped the planet's annual capacity to absorb waste products including carbon dioxide.

The Global Footprint Network said it would currently take 1.5 Earths to produce the renewable natural resources needed to support human requirements.

Victorians still working at 90

The number of older people working has declined since the end of the 19th Century when Victorians worked in physically-demanding jobs such as mining into their 80s and 90s.

Family history website Ancestry.co.uk said more than half of workers carried on beyond the age of 65 in the 1890s, compared with 10pc today.

The concept of retirement did not exist, and with no pension elderly people had no support unless they had help from relatives, said the report.