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McIntosh celebrates BB eviction

Kelly Brook is celebrating being reunited with her fiance after he became the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Former Gladiator David McIntosh was booted out of the reality TV show after receiving the fewest votes.

And lingerie model Brook could barely contain her excitement at seeing her betrothed again, immediately tweeting after his departure was announced and he danced his way down the steps out of the house.

She wrote: "Haha! Those dance moves. Not gonna Lie I am so happy," along with a thumbs up sign and a series emoticon faces blowing kisses.

She had earlier written: "If David is voted out I'll be waiting to give him a big Kiss", along with five emoticons of a face blowing kisses.

And muscle-bound McIntosh was in high spirits as he left the Big Brother house to cheers from the waiting crowds.

Asked by presenter Emma Willis how he felt at being the first to be voted off the Channel 5 show, he joked: "I'm upset.

"I'm a bit of a loser but it's OK. I'll take it on the chin. I'm a competitive man but it doesn't matter - I'm good."

The ex-Gladiator, who was known as Tornado while on the hit TV show, revealed that he had been pining after his fiancee while inside the house.

Asked why he thought fellow housemate Leslie Jordan had exiled him to the "celebrity scrap heap", he said: "He could sense from me that I was missing my fiancee."

And he also revealed that he ended up snuggling fellow celebrity and his bed-mate Ricci Guarnaccio inside the house. He told viewers: "I ended up spooning him a few times in the night - but I guess that is force of habit."

Questioned about his thoughts on the celebrities left inside the house, McIntosh said Hollywood actor Gary Busey was "manipulative" and stoking controversy.

He said: "It is crazy in there - if you put a man like Gary in the house. Wow."

He said the show's producers tried to "test" the housemates lots of times, but the only people rising to the bait and arguing were "mainly just three people from America".