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McGuinness in robbery denial

SINN Fein's Martin McGuinness has claimed he knows "absolutely nothing" about the Northern Bank heist.

The former IRA man was forced to condemn the robbery yesterday as his campaign continued to be dogged by controversy.

The 2004 robbery saw around €30m stolen in an audacious heist that grabbed international headlines.

Speaking on Newstalk, McGuinness said: "I know absolutely nothing about the robbery at the Northern Bank." He has also hit out at the media for questioning him over his IRA past.

"Isn't it really interesting that Unionist politicians in the North are much more progressive than some of my critics in Dublin?" he asked.

He added that he "unreservedly condemned" attacks on gardai or Defence Forces.

"The IRA apologised many years ago to innocent people who lost their lives, and it was absolutely right," he said.

I've no regrets insists Dana

DANA says she doesn't regret entering the race despite the controversy over her family feud.

The Eurovision winner has been left shell-shocked by the publicising of allegations that her brother sexually abused her niece.

But during a TG4 debate she repeated that the claims are "unsustained".

She said "every family has their difficulties".

"I never regret whatever the cost of speaking out what I know has to be said. There's always a price."

Ms Scallon added: "I want to say a sincere thanks to the many people who have said 'keep going on'."