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McGuinness denies strop at BBC IRA quiz

MARTIN McGuinness has denied hanging up on an interviewer over question's about his past.

The Sinn Fein presidential hopeful insisted he did not intentionally cut short his conversation with BBC Northern Ireland's Mark Carruthers who had asked when he left the terror group.

On an earlier BBC radio programme, Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliot had raised the issue of the 1990 deaths in Derry of Patsy Gillespie and five British soldiers.

When interviewed by Mr Carruthers shortly afterwards, Mr McGuinness said: "I had absolutely no involvement whatsoever in that. I wasn't a member of the IRA when that happened."

He added: "I am not going to undergo an interrogation from you, Mark, which is strangely absent whenever you interview unionist politicians."

Mr Carruthers attempted to repeat a question about when he left the IRA, but the phone line went dead.

Mr McGuinness' camp has denied he had hung up, explaining he lost his signal and he tried to ring the show back.