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McFeely vows to fight to keep his Dublin 4 mansion

ROGUE developer Tom McFeely has vowed to fight to reclaim his Ailesbury Road mansion, seized by NAMA last month.

The former hunger striker confirmed to the Herald in an interview this week that he is appealing against the agency's repossession order on his €10m family home.

"I'm not finished in relation to that [2 Ailesbury Road]. I'm going to fight them for it," he said when approached in a city pub this week.

Court proceedings on the matter are set to begin next week.

The ex-Provo is understood to be living in Donegal, but is making regular trips to Dublin as a result of legal proceedings: he is facing the prospect of jail time over the failure to comply with a court order.

The Herald revealed yesterday that McFeely met friends in the Bleeding Horse pub in Camden Street, where he openly mocked the displaced Priory Hall residents' weekend protest as a "joke".

"I'll tell you, when I was still running that place, the majority of the rent coming in was from government cheques," he said.

When it was put to him that many children who took part in Saturday's protest are facing homelessness, he said: "The children brought out on that protest were there for a day out, for a walk through the city centre. It was nothing else. For you to say that two-, three- and four-year-olds were in tears, I don't agree with, that at all," he said.

However McFeely was even more blunt when it was pointed out to him that the entire Priory Hall community was devastated by his company's shoddy work.

He said that his co-developer, Laurence O'Mahony, was not treated like a 'villain' because he is a 'statesman': "Look, you know this. I get treated one way because I am an IRA man, a nordy. I get treated like a villain in the free state. He [O'Mahony] gets treated another way because he is a statesman."

The comments have prompted a furious reaction from Priory Hall residents and local representatives.


"Only someone utterly devoid of any morality could show no remorse for the fact that these people's lives were put at risk by the shoddy building practices of his firm," Fianna Fail senator Averil Power said.

"And only a person without a single shred of decency could continue to deny all responsibility and jeer at families with small children who don't know where they will be living this Christmas.

"I attended the protest last Saturday. Far from being a 'day out', as Mr McFeely termed it, it was a very sad event.

"Parents spoke about the trauma caused to their children and how one year on they are still paying mortgages on apartments they can't live in.

"They spoke of their fear that Dublin City Council will be successful in its Supreme Court case and they will end up paying rent as well as their mortgages.

"And they called yet again for Minister Phil Hogan to meet with them and help to sort out this mess."