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McFeely refuses to apologise for 'Hitler' jibes to Priory victims

DISGRACED developer Tom McFeely today refused to apologise for branding Priory Hall residents "jumped-up Hitlers".

The cowboy builder gave the ultimate snub to the 261 residents whose lives have been devastated by his shoddy workmanship.

In an interview with the Herald today, McFeely reacted furiously to suggestions he has left dozens of families hung out to dry.

And when asked what message he has for the families facing homelessness, he told us: "Nothing at all."

Mr McFeely enraged the Priory Hall families this weekend by claiming he had been verbally attacked by some of them, whom he dubbed "jumped-up Hitlers".


In an interview he said he had been victimised by authorities in Dublin because of his IRA past and his "Nordie" accent.

"The real problem lies with the people making these unfounded allegations. If they were honest, they would call it as it is. Namely, Tom McFeely, the ex-IRA hunger striker is a Nordie and they don't want his type down here," McFeely remarked.

His comments, which appeared in the Sunday Times, were dubbed "pathetic" and "idiotic" by the Priory Hall residents today, who vowed not to "stoop to his level".

"McFeely has no sympathy for us. His action outside the courts, when he referred to the residents as 'begrudgers', and the smug grin he wore on his face each day as he walked out of court tells us all we need to know of his sympathy," resident Graham Usher told the Herald today.

"His comments are pathetic and idiotic, we won't stoop to the kind of level of calling people 'jumped-up Hitlers'," he added.

The 261 residents today woke up to begin their 20th week away from their Donaghmede apartments -- which they once saw as their "dream homes".

The families have been living a nightmare about being forced to move into temporary accommodation in October because their McFeely-built homes posed serious fire safety risks.

The cowboy builder however reacted furiously when contacted by the Herald today over his refusal to take responsibility for his north Dublin firetrap.

The ex-Provo launched an astonishing broadside on the "gutter f*****g press", which he said has "victimised" him on a daily basis.

The Ex-IRA hunger striker was today challenged for the first time over his despicable failure to take responsibility for the firetrap homes.

But today he again refused to help the families, telling the Herald: "What have you done to help them other than give out lies in your gutter press".

The Herald contacted Mr McFeely on his Northern mobile this morning to ask what message he had for the devastated families who have suffered a horrendous ordeal.


A fuming Mr McFeely barked:

"It's people like you who are victimising me, normal people in the street don't victimised me".

The one-time property tycoon bizarrely talked about 19th-cen politician William Martin Murphy.

And Mr McFeely seemed to off-load all his anger on the former member of parliament.

"William Martin Murphy was the guy that formed your paper, he had a Free State mentality beyond belief, not necessarily you, but your paper has a Free State mentality beyond belief," he fumed. "Your paper does not recognise people like me at all."

And he took major exception with the Herald's front-page article before Christmas in which we proved that McFeely couldn't give less of a damn about the lives he's ruined.

Our exclusive photographs showed his €15m Ailesbury Road mansion and the lavish lifestyle he still clearly enjoys.

Mr McFeely had the palatial pad decked out with Christmas decorations and presents as Priory Hall families were left in misery.

During the weekend interview, Mr McFeely denied fleeing to the UK in order to avail of more lenient bankruptcy laws.