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McFeely 'hasn't a clue about pain of suicide', says TD


 Tom McFeely. Photo: BBC

Tom McFeely. Photo: BBC

Tom McFeely. Photo: BBC

A LEADING suicide awareness campaigner has accused disgraced builder Tom McFeely of causing further pain for the family of tragic Priory Hall resident Fiachra Daly saying he "hasn't a clue" about the events that lead someone to take their own life

Fine Gael TD Dan Neville last night claimed the former IRA hunger striker has broken one of the cardinal guidelines surrounding suicide discussion – don't hurt the bereaved – accusing him of causing further pain to Mr Daly's partner Stephanie Meehan with what he described as his "deeply insensitive" remarks.


The Limerick TD was responding to an interview McFeely gave to the BBC, during which he denied any blame whatsoever for Mr Daly's death.

"Why didn't everybody else not commit suicide in Priory Hall, what was the difference there, you know?" McFeely said.

Speaking to the Herald, Mr Neville expressed grave concern about the language used by the rogue builder.

"He (McFeely) was commenting about why none of the other residents took their own lives. He doesn't understand what he is talking about," Mr Neville said. "It is a terribly insensitive thing to say and it's quite clear he doesn't have a clue about the complexities of suicide."

Mr Neville, who has spent more than 20 years raising awareness about suicide, said he is 95pc sure that the effects of living in Priory Hall was a "contributory factor" in Mr Daly's death.

McFeely has caused widespread anger after making a series of shocking and derogatory comments about the former residents of Priory Hall.

During an interview with the BBC Spotlight programme this week, he denied that he carried any blame for Mr Daly's death.

The young father took his own life under the strain of dealing with mortgage arrears on the Priory Hall flat which he and his family had been forced to leave for safety reasons.