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McCoy's recalls crisps as plastic found in packets

A major snack producer has issued a recall of four of its products after pieces of plastic were discovered inside packets of crisps.

KP Snacks issued the warning over some McCoy's multipacks with a best-before date of June 15 and code 3066.

This is the second major firm this month to recall treats because of a problem with plastic pieces.

Nestle recalled some of its Kit Kat Chunky bars and an Easter egg after seven people reporting small pieces of plastic in the bars.



In the latest incident, KP Snacks has issued the warning about six-packs of classic, salt and vinegar, and cheddar and onion, as well as 15-packs of classic flavour.

A spokeswoman confirmed it had received a small number of complaints from consumers regarding small pieces of plastic in the four ranges.

She explained that the issue had arisen on the production line "over a short period", but it had issued the recall for all products produced over a 24-hour period as a precaution.

"As a responsible food manufacturer, KP Snacks takes the quality of its products very seriously. A full investigation has been undertaken and we have isolated the cause to a fault on one production line at one factory," she said.

"The incident affected products made on this line within a two-hour period, but we have chosen to extend the recall to a 24-hour time period to ensure maximum safety for our consumers."

KP says it has undertaken a thorough review of all processes and procedures, and is confident that the batches identified were the only ones affected.

These include:

• McCoy's Classic 6-Pack. Best Before Date: 15.06.2013. Code 3066

• McCoy's Classic 15-Pack. Best Before Date: 15.06.2013. Code 3066

• McCoy's Cheddar & Onion 6-Pack. Best Before Date: 15.06.2013. Code 3066

• McCoy's Salt & Malt Vinegar 6-Pack. Best Before Date: 15.06.2013. Code 3066



The spokeswoman stressed no other products were affected. Anyone with concerns can contact the company on a Freephone 1800 551 679 between 9am and 5pm.

Anyone who has bought the affected products is advised to return them unopened to KP Snacks for a full refund.

Nestle also offered full refunds to people for the 48g Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, Choc Fudge and Caramel flavour chocolate bars and Kit Kat Chunky Collection Giant Eggs.

The company said the products should be returned, unopened, for a full refund.