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McCanns visit Lisbon for trial

Kate and Gerry McCann will return to Portugal for the libel trial of the former Portuguese detective who headed the investigation into their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple launched legal action against Goncalo Amaral after he published a book questioning their account about what happened to the girl.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, will fly to Lisbon today ahead of the three-day trial, which is due to start at the main civil court in the Portuguese capital tomorrow.

'Human rights must improve'

A US envoy said the human rights situation in North Korea must improve before the country can have normal relations with the US.

President Barack Obama's special envoy on North Korean human rights, Robert King, is visiting South Korea this week to discuss the issue with the government.

Mr King said of North Korea: "It's one of the worst places in terms of lack of human rights. The situation is appalling."

Voters reject local autonomy

Voters in Martinique and French Guiana rejected a proposal to give local government more autonomy while remaining a part of France.

Election officials in Martinique said 80pc of voters rejected the referendum, with 55pc participation, according to preliminary results.

In French Guiana, 70pc voted "no", with 48pc turnout.

The ballot in each of the two French Caribbean territories called for giving local governments more administrative leeway.

First footage of shipwreck

Shipwreck hunters have captured the first underwater footage of an Australian Second World War hospital ship that sank in 1943, leaving 268 people dead.

A search team, led by US shipwreck hunter David Mearns, sent a submarine robot more than 6,500 feet below the surface to snap the images of the Centaur.

The Centaur sank off the Queensland state coast, with just 64 of the 332 people on board surviving.