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Mayor who wants 30km and a Merc

She's in favour of the 30kph speed limit in the city centre -- and now she has a new Mercedes to enjoy the view as she ambles along.

Dublin's Lord Mayor Emer Costello has just been given the new €60k saloon -- but with the controversial new speed limit, she won't be travelling anywhere fast.

As the council is now actively discouraging driving in the city, the Mayor's Mercedes Benz will act as more of an accessory than a practical means of transportation.

And while the car may be one of the most enviable vehicles on the market, it will still be subject to the new 30kph limit imposed on drivers in the capital, supported by the Mayor.

Cllr Emer Costello was presented with the E-class limo last week. It carries the usual first registration of the year, 10-D-1.

But she says she is "not a car person", since she only learned to drive in recent years, and so the car is purely "functional".

"It's grand. It really doesn't make a difference to me. I don't notice the makes of cars -- it's functional and it gets me from A to B, and it's comfortable. If I can walk, I will.

"I got it on sponsorship, it's at no cost to the taxpayer, and it's very low in carbon emissions."

The Lord Mayor still hasn't signed up to the Dublin Bikes scheme, which was introduced last September, with 450 rental bikes coming into the city, but she said she intends to soon.

"The 30km speed limit will be useful to people who are using the Dublin Bikes and aren't really used to cycling in Dublin."