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Massive 2 million watched opener

half the population watched our opening game against Croatia -- making it the biggest draw since the World Cup in 1994.

A massive 2.03 million viewers saw the boys in green take on the Croats in Poznan.

The average viewing figures were only eclipsed by World Cup 1994.

Ireland's triumph over Italy in 1994 was the most watched game in TV history here.

During Ireland's game against Croatia on Sunday, an average 1.23 million people were glued to the match.


Over two-thirds of all people watching television in Ireland on Sunday evening were tuned into RTE Two's coverage, equating to an average audience share of 68pc.

The tournament has also been a big draw for fans online, with RTE's Euro 2012 coverage on RTE.ie generating over 180,000 streams to date.

RTE's coverage and analysis of the match is currently the most popular programme on the RTE Player, in addition to the Apres Match sketches.