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Martin to host hunger seminar

Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin is to co-host an international conference on world hunger with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is among the high-profile figures from up to 190 countries invited to the event in New York next month.

Mr Martin revealed food security following the traumatic Pakistan floods and Russian fires will top the agenda. Mrs Clinton agreed to co-host the event while in Dublin last year.

Families fight killer's appeal

The families of two of serial killer Peter Tobin's victims are calling for him to be denied the right to a court appeal.

Tobin (63) who is serving life for murdering three young women, is challenging his 30-year sentence for killing Falkirk teenager Vicky Hamilton. He has failed to turn up at the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh twice through illness.

Michael Hamilton and Ian McNicol, whose 18-year-old daughter Dinah was murdered by Tobin, have set up a petition calling for offenders to be denied an appeal if they have committed two or more murders.

Power struggle grips Aussies

Leaders of Australia's two major political parties are lobbying for support from independent MPs to stitch together the nation's first minority government since the war.

The ruling Labour Party lost seats to the Greens in a backlash over the government's shelving of plans to charge major polluters for every ton of carbon gas they emit. The final results may not be known for a week.

Britons are big on barbecues

The average Briton consumed 56 sausages, 54 burgers and 36 ice creams, mainly at barbecues, over the summer, research shows.

Eighty-one cans of beer and 57 glasses of wine also formed part of the diet, alongside 59 bar snacks, such as pork pies and Scotch eggs, and 73 bags of crisps.

The survey was released to mark Gut Week and highlight the dangers of being overweight.