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Married three times, woman describes how latest husband became a violent monster

A THREE-time bride was brutally beaten by her latest husband because he believed she was spending too much on slot machines.

The Dublin woman is encouraging other victims to seek help for domestic abuse and save their own lives.

Frances Moran (47), who has been married to three foreign nationals, says that she feared for her life when her Pakistani husband turned on her.


Ms Moran has previously been married to a Chinese national with whom she had three children, and a Romanian national, and has a child by a Malaysian man she met before she married Aldul Ghauri.

Ghauri (28) was recently given a four-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay Ms Moran €1,000 in compensation at Dublin District Court. A judge also put him on a bond to keep the peace.

Ghauri said he was unhappy that his wife was taking their daughter along with her while she spent hours playing "one-armed bandits", the court heard.

When she returned home one night, he flew into a rage, kicking and punching her, and leaving her with facial injuries.

Ghauri, a night porter, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm to Ms Moran at their home in Alfie Byrne House on June 3 last year.

The court heard the incident had caused Ms Moran "a lot of pain, anxiety and stress".

And today the mother-of-five told the Herald that she had feared that she might be killed.

"There are women who think about reporting their partners and then back off, but that isn't right. There are women who die in these situations," she explained. "I wondered if I would survive. That's how scared I was.

"If my speaking about this helps anyone, or makes another person report abuse and maybe prevent a more violent attack, then that is a good thing."

During the court case, Garda Michael Cunningham told the court he arrested Ghauri after the victim made a complaint.

The court heard that she had largely recovered, although an eye injury she sustained still caused some problems.

The garda handed a medical report, photographs of the victim's injuries and her statement in to the court. Ghauri had no previous convictions.

Ghauri had initially felt he was not responsible for all his wife's injuries, saying that she "fell".

"There were money problems and his wife was spending a lot of time in casinos, with one-armed bandits," defence solicitor Murrough O'Rourke said.

"He also felt he didn't have money because she smokes and has a few drinks. There is a lot of stress in the relationship and a considerable age difference."


Mr O'Rourke said the accused got very upset when Ms Moran returned home late. He asked Judge Timothy Lucey to be as lenient as possible.

The judge said Ghuari would be "looking at a jail sentence" if he did not admit he was at fault.

Asked by the judge to apologise in court, the defendant said: "I am sorry I raised my hand on my wife."