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March for civil marriage rights

Thousands took to the streets of Dublin to march for civil marriage equality.

Singer Brian Kennedy joined members of the LGBT -- lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender -- community, their family and friends for yesterday's demonstration.

Kennedy told the crowd: "I am here today because this is a human rights issue.

"There are 150 anomalies between civil partnership and civil marriage; this is the first rung on the ladder, but there are many rungs still to climb until we reach equality."

Twin blasts kill 34 in Iraq

Twin explosions ripped through a crowded market in Iraq today, killing 34 people and shattering what had been a relatively peaceful holy month of Ramadan.

The blasts in Kut, 160km south-east of the capital, Baghdad, went off as construction workers were gathered in a market selling generators and other appliances. Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Dhurgam Mohammed Hassan said the first bomb went off in a freezer, then a car bomb exploded.

Libyan rebels capture towns

Libyan rebels claimed they were trying to cut off two key supply routes to Muammar Gaddafi's stronghold in Tripoli after capturing more towns in the west of the country.

The opposition fighters also battled government forces for control of the strategic city of Zawiya, just 30 miles from the capital. The rebel advances over the past few days out of the western mountains near Tunisia into Zawiya on the Mediterranean coast and other nearby towns marked the most significant gains after months of stalemate in the civil war.

State Fair will honour victims

The Indiana State Fair is to reopen today after first pausing to remember five people killed in a stage collapse.

The tragedy occurred when wind gusts of 60-70mph toppled the stage where an estimated 12,000 people were waiting to see the band Sugarland on Saturday night.

About four dozen people were taken to hospital, some critically injured.