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Many pupils happier to squint than wear glasses in classroom

Many schoolchildren would rather endure squinting at the whiteboard than being teased for wearing their specs, research reveals today.

A study by Vision Express has found a third of those who wear glasses have experienced teasing or bullying.

Many youngsters said they would hide their glasses because they were embarrassed about them (26pc), while 16pc preferred to squint at the whiteboard than wear their glasses.

Parents were also worried about the impact of their child wearing glasses, with 13pc fearing their child would be teased if they wore glasses.

The research found that celebrities could help change the perception of spectacles. Children's favourite glasses-wearing celebrities were Tinie Tempah, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Sally Polak, head of brand marketing at Vision Express, said celebrities showed children that it was 'okay to stand out from the crowd and that glasses are cool'.