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Mansion House bills climb to €150k a year

THE city centre's plushest pad has cost €360,000 to maintain for the past two and half years.

It has the ideal location, grandiose interior, rich history and a line of noble ex-tenants but all that comes at a significant price for Dubliners.

A survey earlier this year suggested that one-in-three people are having problems paying their household bills, but it appears there are no such problems at the Mansion House.

In fact the cost of running the Lord Mayor's residence in Dawson Street rose last year to just short of €150,000 and the bills for 2010 are likely to be similar.

The gas bill alone for the first six months of this year was a whopping €13,352.

The House -- which was bought by Dublin City Council for £3,500 in 1720 -- serves three purposes with a function room and offices alongside the Mayor's private residence.

Information obtained by the Herald shows that bills in the first six months of this year reached over €69,000.

Since the start of 2008, the House has had four different residents -- Paddy Bourke, Eibhlin Byrne, Emer Costello and the current Mayor Gerry Breen.

Apart from enjoying the comfort of being just a short stroll from St Stephen's Green, the various residents also have the luxury of a team of cleaners and craftsmen on stand.


So far this year the cost of cleaning supplies has been €1,621, while wages for cleaners have totalled €41,800. Another €397 was used for external cleaning services including professional window cleaning.

Some €2,715 was forked out for "electrical repairs and maintenance", mostly relating to security systems and access control.

By the end of June the electricity bill for the Mansion House stood at €2,218 compared to €14,891 for all of 2009.

But this has been offset by a rise in the cost gas.