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Maniac did this to Lee in BBQ knife frenzy

THESE are the scars a Dublin teenager has been left with after he was one of five people stabbed in a frenzied attack as they left a birthday party last month.

Top student Lee Harte (18) was at the party of friend Jamie Tonner, in Deerpark Avenue, Kiltipper, in Tallaght, when he and four others were set upon in the early hours as they left.

Lee had to be revived in the ambulance after the attack that left him with a punctured stomach and lung, and massive damage to his liver.

His heart also stopped while undergoing emergency surgery and he had to be revived again.

Now recovering in his home, Lee described how the events unfolded on the night he was attacked.

Having gone out with his friends in Tallaght and got a takeaway curry to bring back to Kiltipper, Lee was leaving later to stay in his cousin's house because there wasn't enough room at the party house.

"I got outside and there was a man and a woman outside and she was shouting. I was trying to get the guy to take the woman back home because I didn't want a row outside," Lee explained.

"But then there was a lot of pushing and shoving and in the end the guy dragged me into a house and my cousin came in after us to get me out, and I could see the guy had a knife and he was going to stab him so I pushed him up against the stairs.

"I tried to get by him, but as I did so he stabbed me in the leg. The blade went right through and out the other side," said Lee.


"I was calling for my cousin Rob when he stabbed me once in the stomach, but then he pulled the knife out, stuck it back into me and pulled it upwards until it caught in my breastbone. I could hear it cutting into the bone."

Bleeding heavily, Lee hit his attacker over the head with a plaster cast he had on his hand, and fended him off.

"I could see my shoes were filling with blood, and I could feel my feet squelching as I walked to the door. I was trying to hold my stomach but the blood was just flowing through my fingers like it was coming from a bucket.

"I just felt cold. I didn't even know the others had been stabbed. I got back into Jamie's house and two girls who were there, Kirsty Maloney and Charlene McSherry, lay me down and put towels on where I was stabbed," Lee remembered.

"I know for a fact that if it wasn't for them I'd be dead now," he added.

"I was conscious in the ambulance at first, but then I could hear one of the lads say to the other 'he's not going to make it', and the other guy saying 'you prove him wrong Lee,' and then they had to give me an adrenaline shot to revive me," said Lee.

His shocked mother Nicola told the Herald that two of Lee's friends had come running to her house to tell her what had happened.

"They told me Lee had been stabbed but said he was okay, I think they were just trying to protect me," said Nicola.

Lee has now been told by doctors he will never be able to do sit-ups again, and that he will have to be careful getting up from bed or getting out of chairs so that he doesn't strain his stomach muscles.

Lee also has to take a year out of college where he is studying to be a vet's assistant.

A man was arrested after the stabbing and released without charge. A file is being prepared for the DPP.