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Manhole explodes onto busy street

pedestrians in Dublin city centre had a lucky escape when a manhole exploded on Baggot Street in the blistering heat.

It is suspected that an underground cable overheated as temperatures soared to around 27 degrees, and may have caught fire causing the blast.

The lid was blown several feet in the air (right) shortly before 10am yesterday.

It landed just inches away from people who were crossing at the junction of Merrion Street and Baggot Street.

Luckily no one was injured in the explosion, although some drivers who passed the grate just a few seconds before narrowly avoided injury.

A staff member in a nearby café, John Morrin, described the odour leaking from the grate as the kind of smell "that would burn your nose".

Two units of the Dublin Fire Brigade operating out of Tara Street Station responded to the call when the alarm was raised.

The ESB remained at the scene but last night it was unclear as to what had caused the damage.

Manhole explosions can sometimes be caused by electric cables underground heating up and catching fire.