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Mandela raged at Blair on Iraq

Nelson Mandela felt so betrayed by the then British prime minister Tony Blair's decision to join the US-led invasion of Iraq that he launched a fiery tirade against him, it has emerged.

Mandela was "breathing fire" down the phone in protest at the 2003 military action, according to Peter Hain, a lifelong anti-Apartheid campaigner and friend of the ex-South African president.

Mr Hain makes the revelation in his new biography of Mandela.

"I had never heard Nelson Mandela so angry and frustrated," he wrote.

Lover's tribute to ex-boxer Joe

Ex-boxer Joe Calzaghe has shown his softer side after it was revealed he nursed his Strictly Come Dancing lover through a health scare.

The former world champion helped Russian dancer Kristina Rihanoff cope with an operation to remove a benign ovarian cyst.

She told the new edition of Hello! magazine: "It was a really scary experience because I want to have children one day."

"Joe was just there for me -- and that's when I was just taken so deeply by how caring he is."

Army pounces on gang boss

Mexican marines captured Sergio Villarreal Barragan, a presumed leader of the embattled Beltran Leyva cartel who appears on a list of the country's most-wanted fugitives, in a raid in the central state of Puebla, the government said.

The alleged boss known as El Grande did not put up any resistance when he was arrested along with two accomplices as they left a residence in Puebla city, according to government security spokesman.

The raid involved 30 navy marines, five vehicles and a helicopter.