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Man who broke ankles in fall is burglary suspect

GARDAI are investigating an incident where a man fell from a Dublin apartment block 
balcony and broke his ankles during a suspected burglary attempt.

The fall happened at around 10pm last night at the Westend Gate complex in Tallaght.

There was a large Garda response to the scene on the Old Blessington Road.

A source said that the man was found "in agony" on the ground and was brought to nearby Tallaght Hospital.

Gardai are investigating if the incident happened when an attempted burglary was disturbed.

It is believed that officers seized a pellet gun and gardai are expected to arrest the man today, the source said.

A garda spokesman confirmed that an incident took place at the apartment block last night and a man is being treated in hospital.

Residents at the complex this morning told the Herald that there have been a number of different instances 
of burglars climbing onto 
balconies at the development to raid apartments.

A woman who had just returned from work last night saw the commotion after she arrived home.


She said a man had fallen from one of the balconies when he was disturbed by a woman who was in her apartment at the time.

"She (the resident) got there in time. He fell off the balcony and broke his two ankles," t he woman said.

She said the man fell and all he could do was wait there while the woman then came downstairs and was "screaming at him".

"I thought they were having an argument, boyfriend and girlfriend. I was hanging over the balcony and all the neighbours were coming out having a look.

"When he fell off the balcony, he smashed his two ankles. He could not move. She (the resident) came down to him. She was just screaming and shouting on the phone," said the woman, who lives in the same complex.