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Man went to friend's house, punched his partner -- then smashed up cars with shovel

A CONSTRUCTION worker went over to his friend's house, punched him and his partner and then smashed up their vehicles with a shovel over an argument about a car the friend had promised to get for his niece.

Brendan Downey (41) went into his friend's bedroom and punched him in the head while he was sleeping and demanded €500 which he claimed his friend, a car dealer, owed him.

He was ushered out of the house in Mulhuddart, and punched the man's partner in the stomach on the way out.

A court heard Downey got into his van, but then got back out with a shovel and smashed up the cars, causing €8,882 worth of damage.


A judge fined him €750, after he heard Downey had paid the victims €4,000 in compensation, but was unable to raise any more money.

The defendant, of North Street, Ongar Village, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to counts of assault and criminal damage.

Garda Sergeant Damien Galligan said Downey was invited into the house at Mulhuddart Wood on June 13, 2009, went up to the bedroom, and punched his friend, who was asleep in his bedroom, in the head.

He was ushered out, and he punched his partner in the stomach. Sgt Galligan said Downey then got a shovel and caused substantial amount of damage to their cars.

Defence solicitor John O'Doherty said Downey was friends with the victims for over 25 years, was even godfather to the son, and the victim, a car dealer, agreed to source a car for his niece for €1,000.

Mr O'Doherty said the matter went on for two and a half months, and Downey eventually complained and got €500 of his niece's money back.

The court heard Downey went to his house to get the rest of the money, was incensed as the money was not forthcoming, and smashed up the cars.

Judge Anthony Halpin fined Downey's behaviour was triggered by an underlying incident involving money and fined him €750.