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Man threatened to kill Obamas

A man pleaded guilty to threatening to kill President Barack Obama and his family.

The US Attorney's office said 35-year-old Chane Phillip Christenson of St Paul, Minnesota, pleaded guilty to one count of making a threat to take the life of the president.

Christenson faces up to five years in prison when sentenced.

Jail for Israeli shoe thrower

A man who threw a shoe at Israel's chief justice, knocking her off the bench, has been sentenced to three years in jail.

"This kind of incident must never happen again and this punishment is a warning to others," said Jerusalem magistrate Shimon Feinberg, sentencing Pini Cohen (52) for the attack.

Oldest postal worker retires

America's oldest postal worker is retiring aged 95.

Chester Reed, a mail handler and forklift operator, turned in his badge and keys at a US Postal Service centre in California.

Mr Reed worked for the postal service for 37 years after leaving the Air Force and never took a sick day, racking up nearly two years of sick leave he could have taken.