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Man stabbed sister in row, court hears

A DUBLIN man stabbed his sister in the shoulder with a kitchen knife during a row after they returned home from a pub, a court heard.

Joseph Dandy (47) stabbed the 52-year-old in their home in the north of the city then called an ambulance.

Sentencing was adjourned after he admitted a weapons charge at Dublin District Court.

Judge Anthony Halpin was told by investigating gardai that the accused's sister had "not cooperated" and no assault charge was brought against Dandy.

The judge put the case back to February for a psychological report on the accused to be produced.

Dandy, of New Grange Road, Cabra, pleaded guilty to unlawfully producing a knife in the course of a dispute at his home address last January 18.

The charge is under Section 9 of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act.

The court heard the defendant and his sister has been drinking in a pub and returned home, where an argument broke out between them.

Dandy went into the kitchen, removed a knife from the drawer and stabbed his sister in the shoulder.

Judge Halpin asked if there was a medical report on her injuries, but was told the sister "did not cooperate at all".


"I can see the difficulties the DPP would have in assessing it at this stage," Judge Halpin said.

In the absence of a medical report, the judge accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case.

This means it can be heard in the District Court instead of being sent to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, which has tougher potential sentencing powers on conviction.

Defence solicitor Jeremy Ring sought an adjournment until after Christmas, saying he wanted to obtain a psychological report and this could take some time.

Judge Halpin asked if there was "any chance of getting a victim impact statement".

Mr Ring said he did not think the defendant's sister wanted this.

"This is the type of case that could receive unfair publicity because of the bare facts that have been set out," Judge Halpin said.

"I just want to make sure we do our best here, but to do our best we need the cooperation of people, and without a report we are working in a vacuum."

The judge adjourned the case to a date in February for "facts and mitigation" to be given on that date.

Dandy was remanded on bail.