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Man spat at officers after downing a litre of vodka

AN ALCOHOLIC who spat at and tried to bite gardai investigating a domestic disturbance had downed a litre of vodka and taken head shop cocaine substitute, a court heard.

Bevan Burbridge (38) was jailed for a month for his "appalling" behaviour towards officers who went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment after a complaint.

He admitted garda obstruction. However, a charge of assaulting his former girlfriend was dismissed after he denied punching her in the face.

Judge Catherine Staines said there were no other witnesses to the alleged assault.

Burbridge, of St James's Street was at his ex-girlfriend Dionne Simson's apartment in Rathmines on May 21.

They had been drinking and had been at a neighbour's barbecue when she asked him to go home and he refused.

Garda Mark O'Neill told Dublin District Court he went to the woman's address and the accused met them at the door.

He was very drunk and aggressive and it was impossible to understand him. He abused and spat at the gardai.

Burbridge told the court: "I was drunk, I was on drugs, I was roaring and shouting but I was in no way aggressive."

Asked by the State Solicitor what effect the head shop drugs had had on him, he replied: "The desired effect."