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Man rescued by Liffey Swim champion


The man being rescued by a member of the fire brigade

The man being rescued by a member of the fire brigade

The man being rescued by a member of the fire brigade

A man was rushed to hospital after being rescued from the River Liffey by a former Liffey Swim champion.

The man entered the water near Capel Street Bridge before 6pm yesterday.

Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) dispatched significant resources to the scene, including a female Swift-Water Rescue Technician - a fire officer who has specialist training.

The woman swam out to the man's aid and tended to him until the DFB river boat arrived on the scene.

The officer previously won the Liffey Swim's female event and took part in the event in the city on Saturday, according to DFB.

Two ambulances, three fire engines and a boat responded to the scene.

The man was brought to St James's Hospital where his condition was not thought to be serious.


A source told the Herald that it appeared the man jumped into the water.

It is the second dramatic rescue from the river in recent days. Last Friday, a man was rescued after he and a pal jumped into the river from the boardwalk between the O'Connell and Ha'Penny bridges.

It is understood that those men had been drinking and entered the river voluntarily before one of the men got into trouble.

The men, believed to be from Eastern Europe, entered the river at around 3pm in full view of tourists. They were only in the water a short time before one of them got into trouble.

The men were described as "intoxicated" and one of them was transferred to hospital with low levels of oxygen, while the other was taken into garda custody at Pearse Street Station.

That dramatic rescue was also engineered by DFB.


The annual Liffey Swim has been taking place in the capital for 97 years, and on Saturday dozens of swimmers turned out for the event.

The 2.2km race began at the Rory O'Moore Bridge and finished at North Wall Quay in front of the Customs House.

This year's female winner Jennifer Gilbert completed the race in 31 minutes and 29 seconds.