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Man quizzed over hand gun

A man in his 30s was being questioned today after a gun and ammunition were uncovered in a house in Dublin.

The weapon, a hand gun, was found during a planned search of the house in Tallaght.

Gardai raided the house just before noon yesterday and also found a quantity of shotgun cartridges, pepper spray and a balaclava.

The man was arrested at the scene and is being held at Tallaght Garda Station under Section 30 of The Offences Against the State Act.

Owner of killer bear evicted

An eviction notice was served in the US state of Ohio on the owner of a bear that killed its caretaker.

A lawyer for property owner William Arroyo said tenant Sam Mazzola was notified he has to move unless by September 27 he gets insurance to cover accidents involving his exotic animals.

Mr Mazzola had bears, wolves and possibly a lion and tigers at the property.

One of Mr Mazzola's bears killed Brent Kandra (24) last week.

Minister 'guilty' for gay nuptials

A retired US Presbyterian minister was found guilty of misconduct by a church court for officiating at the weddings of 16 gay couples when same-sex marriage was legal in California.

A regional commission of the Presbyterian Church (USA) ruled 4-2 that the Reverend Jane Spahr of San Francisco "persisted in a pattern or practice of disobedience" by performing the weddings in 2008 before Proposition 8 banned the unions in the state.

Cuba loosens state controls

Cuba issued a pair of surprising free-market decrees, allowing foreign investors to lease government land for up to 99 years -- potentially touching off a golf-course building boom -- and loosening state controls on commerce to let islanders grow and sell their own fruit and vegetables.

The moves, effective immediately, are significant steps as President Raul Castro promises to scale back the communist state's control of the economy while attempting to generate new revenue for the government.