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Man punched house mate in 'savage' attack

A HOTEL worker punched his female house mate in the face and repeatedly banged her head off the floor following a party on Christmas Eve, a court heard.

Jacek Nawara (36) also pushed the woman up against a kitchen cupboard and sat on top of her when she fell to the ground.

He left his former house mate unable to work for six weeks due to her injuries.

Describing the assault as "savage", Judge Dermot Dempsey imposed a six-month sentence.

The judge had said he would leave Nawara without a conviction if he paid €8,000 compensation to the victim, but this money was unavailable.

Nawara immediately appealed the conviction.

The defendant, of Water Rill, Waterside in Malahide admitted before Swords District Court to seriously assaulting a woman at Castlefarm in Swords in the early hours of December 25, 2012.

Garda Karen Duffy said there had been a Christmas Eve party in the house, and Nawara, the victim and a second female were cleaning up afterwards.

Gda Duffy said Nawara pushed his house mate up against a kitchen cupboard and sat on top of her when she fell to the ground.

Gda Duffy said Nawara punched her in the face and banged her head off the ground a number of times.

The court heard the second female shouted for the victim's boyfriend, who was upstairs in bed at the time, and he came down and stopped the assault.

Gda Duffy said the victim had medical bills of €495 and lost earnings of €3,000 as she was out of work for six weeks after the assault due to her injuries.

She also required a MRI scan to ascertain she did not suffer any brain injury.

Defence lawyer Patrick Jackson said Nawara, who has never been in trouble before, doesn't remember the assault.

Mr Jackson said Nawara, a Polish man who has lived in Ireland for a decade, had been drinking, and had mixed alcohol with medication he takes for high blood pressure.

Mr Jackson said Nawara, a hotel worker, had €3,000 compensation in court and would lose his job if he was convicted.

Judge Dempsey said €3,000 would not compensate the woman for the "pain and trauma" she was put through.

He said Nawara should bring €8,000 to court if he wished to avoid a conviction.

Mr Jackson said Nawara could not afford any more than €3,000 compensation.

Judge Dempsey then imposed a six-month sentence.