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Man loses €1,000 of bail put up for son in canal body case

The father of a Dublin man wanted by Dutch authorities in connection with the discovery of a dismembered body in an Amsterdam canal has had to forfeit part of the cash he provided for his son's bail.

The High Court has claimed part of the bail put up by the father of Kenneth Brunell, from Palmerstown, who was arrested by gardai on foot of extradition warrants issued in 2011.

The 27-year-old is wanted to face trial in connection with the death of Keith Ennis (29), from Walkinstown, whose dismembered body was found in an Amsterdam canal in 2009. Mr Ennis was on the run from gardai at the time.

His body parts were dumped in a suitcase in a canal after he was stabbed to death.

Gda Sgt Sean Fallon told Mr Justice John Edwards last Tuesday that Mr Brunell was due before the court last week in relation to a mutual assistance matter, but "he had given an indication he wasn't going to attend".

Sgt Fallon said he made some enquiries in relation to Mr Brunell's compliance with the terms of his bail.


He said he was informed by Mr Brunell's father, Edward, that he had been home the night before and had been out in company.

Mr Brunell was to maintain a mobile phone contact with Sgt Fallon, but "the phone was powered off" and was subsequently found at an address in Finglas.

It was the third time Mr Brunell had failed to comply with his bail conditions.

Mr Justice John Edwards listed the case for Edward Brunell to address the court on whether money provided for his son's bail should be forfeited.

Mr Brunell Snr said he had tried to contact his son to remind him of his commitment.

Mr Justice Edwards told Mr Brunell Snr that "there has to be a sanction" on those who do not comply with the court and told him he was forfeiting €1,000 of the €3,000 put up by him.

Dutch authorities had also sought the surrender of Barry McArdle (27), from Drimnagh. A third man, Philip County (31), from Foxdene Gardens, Lucan, was extradited to Holland from Ireland in April 2011.