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Man killed in Bloodbath

A SUBURBAN row descended into a bloodbath this morning when a young man was brutally stabbed to death.

Colm Hughes (20) died after he was stabbed up to four times in the vicious confrontation.

Mr Hughes apparently called to the home of a young couple and threatened a woman with a machete. He was then turned on and critically injured by an assailant wielding a knife.

The victim, who was also known as Colm Lyons, was stabbed up to four times in the assault outside the property at Fortlawn Avenue in Blanchardstown.

He lost a huge amount of blood at the scene and later died of his injuries in nearby Connolly Hospital.

Two pools of blood (below) remained at the scene today as members of the garda technical bureau carried out a forensic examination.

The drama unfolded around 1.30am when another local man and his girlfriend were involved in an argument outside a property on the estate.

Sources say that Mr Hughes took exception to this and armed himself with a machete.