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Man jailed for attack on homes with spade


Criminal Courts of Justice

Criminal Courts of Justice

Criminal Courts of Justice

A PARANOID schizophrenic who attacked the houses of two neighbours with a spade and iron bar has received a five year jail sentence.

Robert Boyle (49) smashed the glass in windows and doors of the houses before walking away. He was arrested shortly afterwards. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard he bears no ill will or malice towards the neighbours, who both knew him, and he hoped they will forgive him some day.


Boyle, of Fassaugh Avenue, Cabra, Dublin pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and criminal damage at the two houses on Fassaugh Avenue on December 3, 2013.

Judge Martin Nolan suspended the last two and a half years of the five-year prison sentence after hearing that Boyle is receiving treatment for his psychiatric illness.

He said that he believed Boyle had probably suffered a psychiatric episode on the night of the attacks but that he could be a menace to his community.

Garda Brendan Dunne told Derek Cooney BL, prosecuting, that at around 5.15am Boyle went to the first house holding a shovel and began smashing glass panels in the front door and in the front window.

The woman living there was terrified and moved her young baby and her 11-year-old child into a back room.

Boyle then walked to another house, belonging to an elderly woman who knew him for four decades. This woman looked out her window to see Boyle smashing the glass of her front door with an iron bar.

He got into the house and she began screaming at him to leave.

Boyle walked up the stairs towards her with the bar raised over his head and told her he was looking for someone named "Nicky Keogh".

The court heard that there is no such person. The woman told Boyle no-one else was in the house but he checked all the rooms before leaving.

On his way he took her mobile phone and when she asked him about this Boyle put the iron bar to her face and told her to "f**k off".