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Man interrupted own case to shout 'stop writing' at reporter


Paul Behan was unhappy about coverage of his case

Paul Behan was unhappy about coverage of his case

Paul Behan was unhappy about coverage of his case

A man with anger management issues who was in court for throwing a chocolate bar at a shop worker interrupted his own case when he began shouting at a journalist to stop writing about him.

Paul Behan (44) was before the court for a probation report when his outburst happened and he was taken outside by his solicitor.

Judge Mary Cashin adjourned the case for the att- ention of the judge who had originally dealt with it.

Behan, of no fixed address, had pleaded guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour.

Dublin District Court heard Behan was having an argument with staff at Spar on Nassau Street last November 23 when he threw a chocolate bar at the shop assistant.

A probation report had been ordered by Judge Ann Ryan, but Judge Cashin was presiding when the case came back before the court.


Defence solicitor Matthew De Courcy began addressing the court, saying the probation report was positive, when Behan sat down beside a journalist and shouted at him to "stop writing about me".

He had been "embarrassed" by previous coverage of the case and was "not a criminal".

He shouted to the judge to "tell him to stop writing about me" and "can you ask him to stop plastering it all over the papers?"

Mr De Courcy led the def-endant out of the courtroom, and when the case resumed, he said "there are difficulties" before the case was adjourned.

The court previously heard in the public order incident that Behan had been trying to buy a bar of chocolate and in the course of an argument he threw it at the staff member.