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Man hurled chair in pub rage at garda


A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A PUBGOER who hurled a chair at a garda after a disagreement over the payment of a tab, had mixed wine with medication against "his dentist's advice", a court heard.

Daniel Lowry (53) was arrested after he became violent at the bar in Dublin's IFSC.

Judge Michael Walsh told him he would leave him without a criminal record if he made a €500 charity donation.

Lowry, a security guard of Valley View, Swords, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness, causing a breach of the peace and garda obstruction at the Harbourmaster Bar.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at 6pm on April 19.

Gardai were called to the scene and told that the accused had failed to pay a €50 tab.

He refused to co-operate and his wife paid the tab, but he then became more aggressive and abusive and attempted to punch members of staff.

His punches did not connect.

He shouted "ye and your f***ing blue flu" at gardai before picking up a chair and throwing it at an officer.

He tried to hit a garda and continued to lash out as he was being handcuffed.


Lowry, who was in court with his wife, apologised "without reservation" for what happened on the evening, his solicitor Matthew Kenny said.

The accused had been the "author of his own misfortune".

He had drunk too much wine mixed with medication he had been on, and now realised he "shouldn't have ignored the advice of his dentist".

The incident escalated and his behaviour on the night was not in keeping with his usual good character, Mr Kenny said.

The accused had a private security licence and was "normally trusted to behave with restraint".

A criminal record would threaten any future employment and the accused was due to be interviewed for a job.

He had been his family's breadwinner for 25 years with little or no interruption.

"I don't know what came over him on the night, his conduct was quite appalling," Judge Walsh said.

He added that he had behaved in an aggressive manner toward gardai who were only carrying out their duty.

He adjourned the case to a date later this month and said he would strike the charges out if Lowry paid €500 to Fr Peter McVerry's fund.

The judge said if the money was not paid, he would convict the defendant and fine him.