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Man hit by a 'falling umbrella' in city pub


Barry Edgar suffered injury Photo: Collins

Barry Edgar suffered injury Photo: Collins

Barry Edgar suffered injury Photo: Collins

A Dublin man who claimed he was injured when an umbrella fell on him in a pub has been awarded damages in the Circuit Civil Court for personal injuries.

Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke said he was not impressed with Barry Edgar's account of his injuries and awarded only €2,500 damages.

Edgar (58) told the court that in May 2013, he had been sitting at the bar of The Carpenter Pub, Carpenterstown Road, Castleknock, Dublin, when a golf umbrella fell from the mezzanine floor above him, striking him on the shoulder.

Judge Groarke was told that a young man came down from the mezzanine level to pick up the umbrella. Edgar said a barman had followed the young man upstairs.


Edgar, of Castleknock Elms, Laurel Lodge, Castleknock, claimed he suffered pain in his shoulder for a number of weeks after the incident before visiting his GP, complaining of neck and shoulder pain.

He told Judge Groarke that he was still suffering pain in his left shoulder. He sued Alpine Taverns Ltd, which trades as The Carpenter, of Terenure Place, Terenure, Dublin, for negligence.

Edgar claimed his accident had been foreseeable and a net should have been erected to prevent objects from falling from the mezzanine level onto the seating area below.