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Man headbutts glass in council office rampage

A HOUSING official suffered facial injuries after a member of the public smashed a pane of glass inside the Dublin City Council headquarters.

The male went into a state of rage and headbutted a reinforced pane of glass at the counter of the Housing Allocations Section.

Gardai have launched an investigation and are examining CCTV footage of the shocking incident.

Sources have said a foreign national entered the Wood Quay Offices just after 12:30pm on Wednesday afternoon and became impatient with staff working there.

He headbutted a pane of glass which caused it to smash. It is understood a male housing official suffered facial injuries as a result of the incident.

The incident has left staff shaken and prompted Dublin City Council management to close the Housing Allocation Sections.

"This was a terrifying incident for the man who was wounded, as well as his colleagues," a source told the Herald.

"The man was clearly unhappy and decided to damage the protective glass."


Gardai from Pearse Street arrived at the scene and spoke to the man responsible for the incident.

No arrests were made, however investigations are continuing.

In a memo to city politicians, a housing official announced the closure of the office.

"Due to a serious incident that occurred in the Housing Allocations section yesterday, this office is temporarily closed to the public," the staff member said in an email.

The building itself is also open to members of the public who can pay council bills and access other services there.

Protective glass is installed in the Housing Allocations Section for the safety of the staff based in the building.

Independent councillor Nial Ring described the incident as "alarming".

"The council staff in the housing section have a huge workload and do their jobs to the best of their ability," he told the Herald.

"For any staff member to suffer an injury while on duty through no fault of their own is alarming and must be treated very seriously," he added.