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Man has leg amputated

A SUCCESSFUL operation has been carried out on an unconscious man whose leg needed to be amputated to save his life, the High Court has heard.

The court heard the 59-year-old man's relatives had initially refused to give their consent for the surgery.

The hospital where the man had been admitted earlier this month had applied to the court last week for an order permitting it to amputate because the leg was gangrenous and there was a serious danger of it spreading and leading to his death.

Mr Justice Roderick Murphy gave permission to the hospital to carry out the surgery and had also allowed for relatives to make an application to the court opposing the order.

One in three

cannot spell

Technology has left many unable to spell words such as "definitely" and "separate", a survey has found.

It suggests we have produced an "auto-correct generation" that relies on computer spell checks.

The poll, which questioned more than 2,000 adults, found that around a third could not spell "definitely" while a similar proportion failed to pick the correct spelling of "separate".

And around two thirds (65pc) picked an incorrect spelling for "necessary" from a list that did not include the correct spelling.

And many people are relying on spell checks -- 18pc said they use this all the time, while a further 21pc said they rely on it most of the time.