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Man had chair leg after friend was attacked

A MAN caught with a wooden chair leg told gardai he was going to "take lumps out of the c***s" who assaulted his friend, a court heard.

Gerard Keane (34) claimed he had the chair leg for protection after a friend was assaulted with a hurley.

Judge Dermot Dempsey ordered a probation report to see if Keane was suitable for community service and adjourned sentencing to December.

The defendant, of Mooretown Avenue, Swords, admitted before Swords District Court to a number of public order matters and the possession of a weapon.

Gda Miriam O'Donovan said she was called to Broadmeadows in Swords last July 11 following reports that a group of men were hanging around.

She said Keane, who was drunk, was holding a long wooden chair leg which had a sharp edge.

He claimed a friend had been assaulted and told gardai he was going to "go to town" on the culprits and "take lumps out of the c***s".

Keane also admitted to smearing blood on a cell in Swords Garda Station on April 14 last.


In that incident, Sgt Bob Kavanagh said gardai were on mobile patrol in Jugback Lane, Swords, when they came across Keane who was staggering along the footpath and bleeding from his right hand.

Sgt Kavanagh said Keane was clearly drunk and an ambulance was called to help him.

He tried to kick a passing car and shouted at emergency personal: "F**k off, they're pr*cks."

He was taken to Swords Garda Station where he continued to be verbally abusive and he smeared blood from a cut on his hand on the walls, floor and door of the cell.

It cost €66 to clean the cell.

The court heard that Keane has 29 previous convictions, mostly for road traffic matters.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said Keane, a father of three, has previously battled a drink problem.

Ms D'Arcy said Keane is a labourer but has been unemployed for the past four years. This had been getting him down and he had hit the bottle again.

She said Keane is no longer drinking and does not want to go to jail.

In relation to the chair leg, Ms D'Arcy said Keane's friend got it after he had been assaulted and the defendant was trying to help him.

She also said Keane was willing to pay for the damage to the station cell.