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Man given back machete and cash found in car boot


Lawrence Grocott from Cushlawn Park, Tallaght

Lawrence Grocott from Cushlawn Park, Tallaght

Lawrence Grocott from Cushlawn Park, Tallaght

A MAN who had a "razor-sharp" machete and €2,700 in cash in the boot of his car had the weapon returned to him after his case was dismissed at Tallaght Court.

Lawrence Grocott was also refused legal aid after Judge Bridget Reilly heard that nearly €3,000 in cash had been found in the boot of the car along with the machete.

Mr Grocott's solicitor, Michael Hennessy, told Judge Reilly that the cash was an accumulated back payment of social welfare, which had been seized by the gardai and was later returned to Grocott.

Mr Grocott (31), with an address at Woodleigh Grove, Blessington, had pleaded not guilty to possession of a machete contrary to the Firearms Act at Belgard Walk in Tallaght on July 31, 2014.

Detective Garda Conor Harrison told the court that he and Det Gda Brian Hurl had been on plain-clothes duty at 5.14pm on the day when they saw Mr Grocott pass by in the passenger seat of an Audi A4. Gda Hurl said they suspected the driver was too young to be driving.


They stopped the car and Det Gda Harrison said he found a machete in the boot.

Unsheathing the machete in front of Judge Reilly he warned her to be careful when examining it. "It's razor-sharp," he said.

Det Gda Harrison said he asked the driver of the car, Patrick Nolan, why he had the machete, to which he replied: "I'm going hunting."

The detective said he then asked Grocott about the machete and he replied: "It's going on my wall - I own it, it's mine."

Det Gda Harrison said he later arrested and charged Grocott.

Mr Hennessy applied for a direction on the grounds that Det Gda Harrison had no right to stop and search the car without good reason to do so.

Judge Reilly granted the application and dismissed the case. Mr Hennessy applied for the return of the machete to Grocott and then applied for legal aid.

Det Gda Harrison objected to legal aid. He said €2,700 in cash had been found in the boot.

Judge Reilly refused legal aid.